a thousand eyes peering out from the dark
have watched me fall into the gutter
and asked me not to do that in front of them

a thousand eyes peering out from the dark
have watched me frolick in the meadow
too far from my mother, and longed
to reach for me but couldn’t

a thousand eyes peering out from the dark
have waited for my arrival, saw i didnt care at all
and faded into the background

now my two eyes have joined the masses,
peering out from the dark and bloodshot
as you keep walking, further away
i call out, but you don’t come back
the way you came

Damp Basement Air

I have entered into
the dark underworld
of fetishism
tripped and stumbled in
on his say so
his softly writ commands
demanded my attention

and now there are ropes
and ribbons
hanging from the ceiling
i am peering over
my shoulder, scared
until there he is,
coming to meet me

and i have to smile
because even in the dark
it’s clear to me
that i’ve never seen a thing
so lovely as what he
has to say to me

he leads me by the hand,
away from everything
i tell my friends
if im not home by morning
call the police
and they swear by it
because they can see
that this is serious

but i notice
in the damp basement air,
there are red hearts
fluttering softly
here and there

My Vacation

my voice is syrup,
i pour it over the pancakes
of your questions
when you creak open the door
to ask, “Are you still sleeping?”
I’m moaning, “Yeah,”

I am sleeping to the sound
of tropical birds and
the incessant chatter
of my family to the backdrop
of twenty four hour reggae music
in bermuda, where, while im awake
im breaking all the rules
and will probably go to jail
for the sake of my father

and where, while im asleep
good lord, am i dreaming.

i have never worked so hard
on the eve of my vacation

i am on the diet
of bacon, chocolate,
coffee, wine and lollipops
when im awake, i am dreaming
while i sleep, good lord,
am I happy

A Challenge

My friend says,
“He’s manipulative!”
and I nod, grinning
because I immediately think
at least he’s clever enough
to be such a thing-
he is so much more interesting
than the guys I’ve been dating

I lean forward and admit,
“I really like him.”
and she laughs,burying her head
in her hands and says,
“See, this is how it happens;
smart girls like you
just love a challenge.”

I boast, “You have to admit,
he’s a real live wire.”
and she corrects me, saying,
“Yeah, well, he’s certainly

“Yeah,” I smile, “he really is.”
and she flags down the waiter
for two more drinks.

Being Near You

Like a thousand Chinese lanterns
drifting from the river into space
I am a thousand eyes expectantly watching
your gradual disappearance,
I am placated and amazed

I am a gaptoothed idiot
every one of my teeth
seem to go missing or
sucked into the black hole of a grin
I’m adorned with
whenever you come near me
like a cat, I am purring

and I figure you are just back
for a brief interval
my expectations are lowered
like a balloon I let go
on graduation day

I figure, hey,
at least I finally felt
the feelings
i’ve been reading about
that look so lovely
on so many people-
it doesn’t make sense
and it doesn’t need to

man, I just really love
being near you