A Household Item

A friend said, “please don’t stop your daily jottings

just because somebody mentioned the word “exhibitionist,”

or at least, send them to me”

but I have some other thoughts on the subject

I am going to start to write something different


but I won’t forget how i started

Two years ago, with him, and i was reminded

when his son came into the room

while we were skyping

and said, “Hey Georgia!”

I knew, right then,

that i was a household item

so far away, in texas


as he is for me

even if we are living

way across the country

but guess what?

once we get a plane ticket

all worked out

I am coming to houston

and I’m going to do

my  biggest reading yet

for the people who

have believed in me

even when

they mistakenly thought

that I was just a teen


Can you smoke me up before class again?

Hiding behind my computer screen

and all the haze, suddenly

I remember that I can just tell people

I have social anxiety

and use my meds and theirs

to make the smokescreen bearable

between me and them


“Come over before class”  I ask

“Please? I do better one on one

and under the influence of drugs”

“Yeah, yeah,” she says

“That class sounds awful.

I can smoke you up”